At the Old Dublin Inn we are committed to your total dining experience. We offer only the finest and freshest ingredients.
Every dish is “custom” prepared as it is ordered, nothing is “pre-cooked”.  As a result our dishes may take a little longer to reach your table. We believe the reward is worth the wait.

Thank you for your patronage and enjoy.

From the Kettle


Today’s creation

Only the fresh, ripe, and the hearty make it in our soup kitchen.  Ask for today’s endeavor.


Mrs. Murphy’s chowder

New England style, bold, brave and complete! Overalls not included


guinness black bean chili  (Seasonal)

Our Black beans spend the night in Guinness Irish Stout
and then are added to Dublin's’ own chili



Only the beginning…


*Mushroom’s macgrath

Marinated Portabella mushrooms layered with roasted red pepper, garlic, and Provolone cheese.


*Noonan’s blumin’ onion

A colasoul onion delicately spiced, flash fried and served with Dublin’s dipping sauce.


irish skins

Hearty Potato skins filled with cheddar cheese and your choice of broccoli or bacon 


quinn’s calamari

Fresh, lightly battered and kicked up with homemade marinara sauce. A heapin’ helping.

*dublin steamers

Fresh Long Island little necks prepared in Dublin’s own white wine steamer sauce.


*scampi O’shea

Jumbo shrimp butter flied and sautéed with buttered garlic sauce, shallots, capers, and white wine.   


                                      F.t. McCracken wings      Starter (12)  Stuffer (20)

The Buffalo tradition is tossed in Dublin’s own wing sauce. Roaster king wings served

with carrots, celery and blue cheese.    


*Tully’s tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes covered with thick slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, garlic, roasted red

peppers, and doused with balsamic dressing.



A twist on the Mexican version, Irish Nacho’s if you will…Fresh fried potato chips topped with chili con queso and tomato salsa, cheddar cheese, and sour cream.


Nation 8

Three chicken fingers, three mozzarella sticks and two Irish skins with chips.

Served with Raspberry or Marinara sauce.